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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Validation of Predictive Construction Workers Safety Behavior Model

( Volume 4 Issue 10,October 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mohammed Y. D, Ajala J. O


Safety Manager’s leadership style has a great impact on workers’ safety behaviors on construction sites. Effective leadership styles have been associated with benefits such as increased operational efficiency; reduction in insurance cost and workers retention and satisfaction. The aim of this paper is to validate the proposed construction workers safety behavior model. Model validation is associated with the process of assessing the ability of the model to do what it set out to achieve. The validation process tries to ensure that the model represents the characteristics of the general population and not peculiar to the samples used in its estimation. Certain criteria were set for the study in order to validate the predictive model obtained from the analysis conducted with the SPSS 20. Ten (10) construction safety practitioners (experts) were identified within the study area. External validation approach was adopted for the study. This type of approach where experts verify the tentative results of the research generate more confidence in the validity of the findings. The majority of the responded were in favor of the model indicating that the model is a positive contribution to the subject of construction workers safety behavior. It can be concluded from the opinion of the experts that the model is of an acceptable standard and can be a viable tool for decision making. The clients, contractors and the stakeholders can used the model to make appropriate decision, take suitable measures and devote the necessary resources required for accident prevention. Also the contractors seeking to improve safety and health at their workplace could use this model to make informed and objective decision towards accident prevention on construction site. 

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