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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Using Adaptive Web Systems for Education Process in the Preparation of Web Programmers

( Volume 2 Issue 4,April 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dr. Aripov Mersaid and Fayziyeva Mahbuba


The current rapid development of informational and communication technologies, and wide-format digital telecommunication means and Internet systems, their wide application in every sphere of society is achieved through widespread networks of WWW and located on a regular basis of current Web project. The main purpose of learning the Web technologies is to give the students scientific and theoretical knowledge on information processing in the managerial information databases using Web technology and integration with the database management system (DBMS). The main task of learning is to form in students knowledge, skills and experience with database management systems data, to study modern methods of creating Web projects and also their design and creation. This requires the creation of adaptive Web systems, and the development of teaching methods corresponding to the intellectual abilities of the student. In the present article it is talked about the features of adaptive educational web-based system in preparing the web programmers.

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