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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Ultimate Analysis of some Nigerian coal: Ranking and Suitable Application

( Volume 3 Issue 10,October 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Solomon Akila Ryemshak, ALiyu Jauro, Julius Danladi Putshaka, Ronald Makan Sori


Ultimate analysis was carried out to determine the elemental composition of some Nigerian coal samples viz: Garin Maiganga (GMGA3 – top layer and GMGB – base layer), Chikila (CHK), Lamza (LMZ) and Afuzie (AFZ); in order to ascertain their ranks for appropriate utilization. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen were theoretically (numerically) determined and the results fall between 78.26 – 83.37 %, 5.73 – 6.00 % and 7.98 – 12.55 % respectively. Sulphur and nitrogen were determined conventionally by Eschka and Kjeldah method respectively; and the sulphur content fall between 0.68 – 0.87 %, while that of nitrogen was between 1.98 – 2.54 %. Generally, the coal samples had low elemental contents (with the exception of carbon), which implies low mineral compounds which are undesirable because of their adverse effect on operational system, environment, products and ultimate users, and so they are safe for various application taking advantage of their high carbon contents. The investigation of the coal samples revealed that all are of sub-bituminous rank and are of good grade (low sulphur content) that can be utilized for gasification, liquefaction, power generation and coking technology – both conventional and formed coke making, for domestic and industrial fuel making. 

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