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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Two-Factor Authentication Based Automobile Keyless Entry System

( Volume 2 Issue 8,August 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

O. Akinsanmi, A.D. Usman, A. Abdulraheem, G.D. Obikoya, B.G. Bajoga


Mechanical keys have traditionally been used to restrict unauthorized access to automobiles. In recent times, microcontrollers were embedded into cars for various applications such as passive keyless entry systems and vehicle immobilizer systems to prevent circumventing the mechanical lock to open the door and then start the engine via short-circuiting the ignition. The embedded electronic systems are very convenient to users but the security of the system can be easily breached for unauthorized access either through theft or lost and found of the car key fob, relay attacks by impostors or if the embedded code is revealed through the wireless interface scanning. In this paper, the development of an Automobile Keyless Entry System using Two-Factor Authentication is described where, the automobile would autonomously verify the users’ alongside the conventional mono-factor (i.e., device-based) automobile key fob authentication framework, thus achieving a two-factor authentication system. In addition, the new framework can prevent the three kinds of security breach scenarios. Furthermore, the car owner may allow new persons to drive the car using their voiceprints. The significance of this new framework is that it has provided high level of comfort and convenience and has eliminated the probability of theft. This paper will provide the understanding of the system to the designer of key-less systems. It will also provide designers with some ideas of how to make vehicle more secure. This paper will also benefit many people in terms of saving time and effort that would be required for them to collect the information presented in this paper by reading many published papers.

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