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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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The Nonlinear Mathematical Model of The Physical Body Under Variable Loading in Neutron Flux

( Volume 4 Issue 1,January 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Moh’d Isshaq Abu Halawa


The influence of neutron irradiation upon (nonlinear physical) elastoplastic deformation of components of constructions under cyclic force disturbance is considered. As an example the problem of cyclic irradiation-force winding consider  unsymmetrical with respect to thickness sandwich beam with external bearing layers made of metal and incompressible with respect to thickness internal layer (filler) made of polymer. Well effects resulting in appearance of additional volume deformation. Furthermore the differences used during the numerical solving reflects of the nature of  the physical structure of body under influence the flux. On basis of experimental data the formula of irradiation reinforcement is suggested. The result may be extended in case of any given n-cyclic loading  The theorem about variable loading is proved. Theorem about cyclic loadings of elastoplastic body in neutron flux allows to simplify essentially a whole class of boundary problems. Numerical solving for sandwich nonlinearly beam is adduced.

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