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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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The geographical latitude index of the relevance of research results activity as scientometric index

( Volume 4 Issue 6,June 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Popova Olga, Romanov Dmitriy, Drozdov Alexander, Mironova Marina


The purpose of the research is to suggest and the describe a new standard for productivity of the research activity. The Hirsh index based on scree method has become popular inperforming scientists` work productivity. This index is also applied to scientific groups (organisations). However, h-index and other scientometric indexes based on citations can be artificially increased with the help of scam models. Thus, there is a necessity to develop a new standard of assessment of a research activity efficiency that will be difficult (hard) to “improve”. The authors suggest geographic latitude index of the relevance of citations. Despite the fact that suggested index as h-index based on citations, its big importance indicates that scientific union accepts the results of academic staff activity. Moreover, the given index could be a standard for identifying prospective (productive) scientific workers. To achieve the objectives and tasks the following correlated methods  have been used: the analysis of problem citation, the analysis of scientific references and best practice of research activity management in scientific institutions, universities (benchmarking), cognitive, structure-functional and mathematic modeling, the method of graph theory, sets and relations; automated systematic cognitive  analysis; method of qualimetry (theory of latent variables); method of mathematic statistics, method of analytic geometry. The research was carried out on the basis of high schools of Krasnodar Region. It was also used methodological base of the research: system approach, metasystem approach, probabilistic statistical method, sociological and qualimetric approaches.

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