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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Tele-service through the InterNet-world-wide-web of laboratory equipments according to the NAMUR recommendations and remote control by an integrated camera

( Volume 3 Issue 1,January 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Baez Galeano.Julissa M, Rabesiaka.Rivo J, Razanamparany. Bruno, Razafindrazanakolona. Daniel, Andrianantenaina.M Hajamalala


Abstract— Research laboratories and the current enterprises turn toward the automation of their instruments [1]. Not having not a robust and versatile enough control software can become disadvantageous [2] and will involve a supplementary load for the purchase and the staff' straining. Hence, this work is the fruit of the development of a control interface through Internet of the equipments that follows the NAMUR recommendations. It permits to remote control and to integrate easily new equipments due to the flexibility and to the conviviality of its interface without needing computer literacy. Some applications were carried out to measure the hardiness and the reliability of this new system. In spite of the few observed mistakes, one can conclude that the developed software is reliable. This application satisfies the primordial needs of the user: adaptation capacity and easiness of use [3]. It also has an attractive external functional capacity following the 9126 norm that defines the quality of a software [4,5].

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