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Study On Subgrade Soil Using Jute Geotextile In Prakasam District Of Andhra Pradesh

( Volume 3 Issue 3,March 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

A.Pavani, J.Rakesh, P.Gopichand, P.Suvarnaraju


The performance of any type of pavements is more contributed on sub-grade soil strength. Many stabilizing techniques and materials were used to increase the strength of sub-grade soil among different natural and artificial geotextile material. Jute is one of the natural abundant resource materials many studies were carried out on jute geotextile on embankment slope protection and embankment construction and drainage design. Jute material is used in reinforcement of soil layer in pavement design. Several case studies in field showed that the strength of Jute Geotextile typically reduced about 60 to 70 percent after lying embedded in estuarine soil for around 18 months. Jute is bio-degradation material in this studies the span of JGT can be increased by spraying bitumen on the jute and reinforcing the soil layer and structurally evaluating the stresses and strains under standard axle load condition 8T another method can adopt by using the polythene sheets like sandwich layer to increase the span and strength of jute fiber and sub-grade strength of CBR value.  Research studies will carried on sub-grade soil to increase the CBR value by using jute with bitumen coated/polythene sheets. Some experimental studies had been conducted on clay soil (CI) and results were not reliable for heavy compaction. Principal application of JGT is to reduce the pavement thickness layers and Appropriately designed woven JGT when placed on a road sub-grade enhances its bearing capacity (expressed as CBR %).The phenomenon is the result of the functions of separation and filtration performed by an appropriately designed woven JGT laid on the sub-grade. Consolidation of soil is a protracted process. Normally the range of enhancement of CBR of a sub-grade treated with JGT is 150% to 300% of the control value.

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