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Study of the physicochemical quality of water in the Sebi-Ponty basin at Diamniadio (Senegal)

( Volume 4 Issue 8,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ibrahima Thiam, Seni Tamba, Elhadji Bamba Diaw, Gregoire Sissoko


The Sebi-Ponty dam has a basin that is widely used by the population for agro-pastoral activities (animal watering, agriculture, etc.). This basin covers an average area of 106,000 m2 and an average depth of 7 m or about a volume of 435,000 m3. The origin of the water is rainfall (runoff and direct descent). The availability of water is estimated to eight months taking into account the water being drawn, infiltration and evaporation. A qualitative knowledge of the contents of this pool will be a great benefit to those activities of the population. It’s in this context that this study was carried out by this group of researchers, following physic-chemical compositions were targeted: turbidity, color, temperature, conductivity, pH, hardness; alkalinity, nitrite, iron, phosphate, boron, and chlorine concentrations. The physico-chemical results obtained on samples taken in the basin between October and December showed that the concentrations of boron, iron and nitrite exceeded the levels recommended by the standard for agro pastoral needs. While turbidity, color, temperature, conductivity, pH, hardness, alkalinity, phosphate and chlorine are at acceptable levels.

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