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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Study of Nonlinear Behavior and Chaos Phenomena in Power Inverter

( Volume 5 Issue 2,February 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. G.K Banerjee, Dr.Piush Kumar, Rajesh Kumar


A study has been done for chaos and bifurcation phenomena in a various kind of single and three phase dc to ac inverter along with nine level stepped wave inverter. The converters are simulated using a software package MATLAB/SIMULINK.  It is observed that the inverters moves from periodic operation state to chaotic operation state as bifurcation parameter like input voltage frequency and load to the inverter is changed. The bifurcation pathway includes smooth period-doubling bifurcations as well as border collision bifurcations. Simulated results output voltage and current waveform of single and three phase inverter along with stepped wave inverter are validated by waveforms and FFT spectrum. .Inverters with a large number of steps can generate high quality voltage waveforms. The simulation of single phase three level, three phase h-bridge inverter and nine stepped wave   inverters is done in software Matlab/Simulink. The FFT spectrums for the outputs are compared and presented to validate the proposed control strategy. This information leads a powerful role for designing practical circuits in power electronics.   

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