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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Study Of Mechanical Properties Of Aluminium Lm25 Using Stir Casting Method

( Volume 4 Issue 5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

A.balamurugan, G.Dhanasekar, T.kanagasabai, M.Mohamed Faiyas


The present study deals with the behaviour of aluminium hybrid alloy based composites, reinforced with fly ash  particles and solid lubricants such as activated carbon .The first one of the composites consists of Al. with fly ash particles  and activated carbon. The other composite has Al with fly ash and solid lubricant: activated carbon at solid state. Both composites are fabricated through ‘Stir Casting Method’. Mechanical properties of the samples are measured by usual methods such as Hardness,Tensile .The tested samples are examined using Scanning Electron microscope (SEM) for the characterization of microstructure on the surface of composites. The Main Aim is to be results of the proposed Hybrid composites are compared with Al based metal matrix composites at corresponding values of test parameters.

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