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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Simulation Of Fuzzy Based M3C- UPQC For Power Quality Improvement In Power Grid

( Volume 5 Issue 10,October 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

M. Ankarao, Mathaku Sandya Rani


Power quality improvement is very much crucial due to the recent advancements in the equipments at consumer end, which mainly contains the power electronic equipments responsible for the nonlinearities in voltage and current at the load end of the distribution system. For suppressing these nonlinearities an equipment is proposed to have a feature of hybrid compensating system property to reduce both voltage and current disturbances. Which contains series and shunt active power filter combination. Series active power filter is used to suppress voltage disturbance by injecting voltage into the system, and shunt active power filter is used to reduce current disturbance by injecting current into the system. Many topologies and many control strategies are proposed for particular system behaviour. Analysis of equivalent circuit for modular matrix multilevel circuit control strategy incorporates integrated control method comprised of  internal balance and external compensation, involves inter and intra capacitive voltage divergence balance through circulating current, A fuzzy logic based M3C UPQC  is proposed to improve THD performance of the system. The effectiveness of fuzzy logic controller is examined by MATLAB/SIMULINK software.



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