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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Routing Optimization to Maximize Network Life time using Deactivation of Uninteresting Nodes in ADHOC Network

( Volume 1 Issue 1,October 2014 ) OPEN ACCESS

Vikas Sarkar, Nikhat Raza, B. L. Pal


In ad-hoc networks, to guarantee the delivery of a packet from sender to destination, each node must maintain the energy level information of its neighbor along with itself in routing tables depending upon the network structure and geographic position assisted routing. Energy aware routing proposal deals with efficient utilization of energy resources. By controlling the early depletion of the battery it changes the power to decide the proper power level of a node and include the low power strategies into the protocols used in various layers of protocol stack. Therefore, a network needs to meet such requirements for the end users to satisfy a particular application while transporting a packet stream from a source to its destination. The energy aware routing should be efficient enough to deal with wide range of performance issues like Packet Delivery Ratio, Network Routing Load, Average End-End Delay, Routing Packet and Jitter. This paper focuses on method of energy awareness in communications between ad-hoc network nodes. The problem, of, energy constraints has been addressed in different protocols, which are based on existing protocol.

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