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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Research on Rolling Motion Mode of a Catamaran unmanned craft with Monitoring Function

( Volume 5 Issue 8,August 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Yu Yongqiang, Yang Songlin, Li Yang, Liu Man, Tan Xiaoping


In this paper, a watershed monitoring catamaran unmanned craft was taken as the research object, and a series of roll free attenuation tests was carried out with different drafts and different inception tilt angles of the craft, and a series of roll angular velocity curves was obtained. A mathematical model of 4 kinds of roll motion was established respectively, based on system identification theory and various modern optimization algorithms, calculation software was designed and compiled. By comparing the calculation results of the four mathematical models under different draft, the most suitable mathematical model was determined. According to the roll data of one of typical angles, the influence of the craft draft on the hydrodynamic derivative and the recovery torque coefficient was discussed. The identification results of the nonlinear motion pattern of the unmanned dual body monitoring craft were analyzed.



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