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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Position Estimation and Control of BLDC motor Based on Hall effect sensor and Angular Magnetic Encoder IC

( Volume 5 Issue 1,January 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Hamzaoui Nabil


In the last few years the high efficiency, reliability and the low cost of both permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) and brushless direct current motors (BLDC) in industry and many applications drives most companies and laboratories throughout the world to focus on those type of machines. BLDC motor has advantage of long lifetime, faster response and capability of highspeed drive in comparison with brushed DC motor and has been more widely used in industrial area in line with the development of power switching device, microprocessor and digital technology. The control of BLDC motor is one of the most side should take on consideration when we talk about this type of motors. there are two main technologies to control BLDC, sensors and sensorless control. in this paper two types of sensor control methods are presented. First a hall effect sensor is studied, the study including both theoretical and practical part with experiment and results. on the other hand, and the main focus of this work is the design and implementation of an angular magnetic encoder IC which is AM8192B. the implementation contains a general description of the chosen model, then the schematic part using Altium designer software and hardware construction; Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The last part of this work is testing of the implementation encoder for detection angular position of BLDC motor, and shows the original results of the designed encoder.

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