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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Physical and mechanical properties of the south Mashhads granites, Robat Toroghs area (North East of Iran)

( Volume 4 Issue 8,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Saba Azghandinezhad, Mina Deymi Moghaddam, Mahshid Mohammadzadehrahbardar, Pooria Dehghan


Recognition of intact rock’s engineering characteristics in construction projects that are dealing with the foundation rock, is quite important and in the primary stages of implementing engineering structures will be seriously considered. In this research, to study the engineering properties of granitic rocks in south of Mashhad City (North East of Iran), three boreholes were drilled to a depth of 10 m in the rock mass and the rock samples were transported to the laboratory. To determine the physical and mechanical properties of these rocks experimental tests such as uniaxial compressive test, triaxial, direct shear, dry and saturated density, porosity and water absorption were performed on the core specimens. Also, joint’s roughness coefficient was estimated by the method of Barton. The results can be used for calculation of bearing capacity of rock mass and also in optimal designing of the construction of high-rise structures.

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