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Physical And Chemical Properties Of Pumpkin In ADO-EKITI

( Volume 3 Issue 10,October 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Oloko S.A., Filani A.O.


The study was undertaken to determine the physical and chemical properties of pumpkin.  Two varieties of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata and Winter crookneck squasch) were used for the study and termed variety A and B respectively.  Moisture content of the two varieties varying from 12.6% to 28.6% (dry basis), the thickness, major diameter, intermediate diameter and minor diameter, sphericity and mass of Cucurbita moschata which is variety A increased linearly from 5.88 to 7.10mm, 16.02mm; to 24.72mm; 10.68mm to 18.18mm; 11.02mm to 19.24mm; 0; 0.75 to 0.80; 1.68kg to 2.78kg while thickness, major, intermediate and minor diameter, sphericity and mass of winter crookneck squash which is variety B increased linearly from 5.92mm to 7.22mm, 16.06mm to 24.41mm; 11.00mm to 18.28mm, 11.48mm to 19.40mm; 0.77 to 0.81; 1.70kg to 2.80kg.  The coefficient of friction on plywood increased from 28.6° to 42.8° respectively.  The nutritional values of pumpkin determined show that the crop has high percentage of protein (24.4%) while both fat and ash content has the lowest nutritional value of 0.5% each.

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