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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Performance evaluation of clustering protocols using AODV routing protocols

( Volume 2 Issue 11,November 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

S. Aouad, A. Maizate


Recent advances in wireless sensor networks have generated many new protocols for clustering specifically designed for sensor networks where energy consumption is an essential consideration. Variety of sensing capabilities results in profusion of application areas. However, Sensed data need to be delivered to the base station using multihop and must cope with the network unreliability problem and the energy consumption. In WSN, few routing and clustering protocols take into consideration of these problems. It is a major challenge of the clustering protocols to ensure network survivability through redundancy features. In this paper, we present a short literature review of the existing routing protocols for Wireless Sensor Network and we evaluate the performance of AEEPC, APC-T and APC using the routing protocols AODV.

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