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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Optimization analysis of integrated energy system based on wind power hydrogen production equipment

( Volume 7 issue 3,March 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Fenyu Zeng, Kunpeng Chen


fuel cells, integrated energy systems, multi-energy complementarity, wind power dissipation


The output of wind power is random, fluctuating, and anti-peak-modulating. A large number of wind farms have to be forced to abandon the wind, which has brought a lot of impact on the power grid system, making grid dispatching more and more difficult, and the power supply Small impact. The method of producing hydrogen by electrolyzing water converts excess wind energy into hydrogen energy and improves various energy utilization efficiency in the integrated energy system. The comprehensive energy system containing hydrogen production equipment can meet the needs of electricity, heat and cooling loads in the area, reducing the overall operating cost. Experiments prove that electrolytic hydrogen production improves the digestion capacity of wind power.



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