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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Optimal trading decision of wind power supply chain based on insurance mechanism under uncertainty of supply and demand

( Volume 7 issue 3,March 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Wang Hui, Wang Junjie, Wang Tengfei


wind power supplier, uncertainty, insurance mechanism, benefit win win


With the new round of power system reform, the participation in the power market competition is the only way to eliminate renewable energy such as wind power. Due to wind power output is affected by natural conditions such as wind speed, the output has strong uncertainty, which makes its actual output difficult to predict, which makes wind power suppliers face huge profit risks in participating in the power market. Reasonably transferring the market risk of wind power providers and introducing effective risk aversion mechanisms are of great significance to improving the stability of wind power providers' returns. Therefore, based on the power loss insurance mechanism, this paper establishes the Stackelberg game model of wind power suppliers, electricity sales companies and insurance companies, solves the Nash equilibrium by inverse recursive method, analyzes the relationship between insurance premium rate and market tripartite profit, and obtains the market subject wind power. Optimal trading decisions for commerce, electricity sales companies and insurance companies. Finally, through the analysis of specific examples, it is concluded that the introduction of the electricity insurance mechanism and the establishment of appropriate insurance rates will enable the interests of wind power suppliers, power sales companies and insurance companies to achieve a win win situation.



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