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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Online Exam Cell and Result Analysis Automation

( Volume 2 Issue 4,April 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Aditya Rao, Abhishek Ganesh, Stuti Ahuja


Current exam-cell activities are mostly done on paper. Automated solutions using this system will make exam department activities more efficient by covering for the most important drawbacks of manual system, namely speed, precision and simplicity. A centralized system will ensure that the activities in the context of an examination can be managed effectively, while also making it more accessible and convenient for both students and staff. The final product would constitute a computerized module aimed at replicating offline exam cell process. The system is a new concept which came into existence because of the large amount of data being on paper and it made analysis of results a tedious task, apart from the unmanageable amount of data that is generated in an institution from various departments. The Automation system is like an intermediary between staff and students, thus easing the activities of each regarding examination. It is a system that will make the exam cell process much organised. It would require certain crucial data to be pre-existing, which definitely suggest a dependency on certain other systems, especially ones concerning data acquisition. Like in this case it is Automated Admission system. The Solution, however, will manage a great deal of menial work. This keeps paperwork to its minimum, leading to ease of accountability, reducing confusions and increase in work rate and efficiency. The project will address firstly, access to various users including students, teacher, exam cell staff and admin. Then customization based on requirement of College. And finally automated result analysis and ancillary services.

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