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Numerical Investigation of Compact Heat Exchanger With Multi-louvered Plate Fin, Dimpled, Vortex Generator with Ceramic coating

( Volume 4 Issue 5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

R.Anbarasan, R.Baskar, M.Ganesh Karthikeyan, N.Indhusekaran


This Project presents the air side performance of fin and tube heat exchangers for multi-louvered plate fin with ceramic coating. This project focuses on heat and fluid flow analysis by various fin pitches and angle patterns. A steady –state three-dimensional numerical model is used to study the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of a multi-louvered plate fin heat exchanger with Reynolds number in the range of 1000-1600. A numerical study is performed on compact fin and tube heat exchanger having circular tube with  plate fin dimple, vortex generator. The performance of  heat exchanger in the air side with coating and without coating of the fin will be analyzed for various pitches such as 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 mm and 4mm. By varying fin pitches, the overall heat transfer rate will increase in the system. In heat exchanger device the heat transfer analysis will be done by increasing number of tubes, rows, passes, and pitches.

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