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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Numerical Flow Analysis of an Axial Flow Pump

( Volume 2 Issue 7,July 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Aung Kyaw Soe, Zin Ei Ei Win, Myat Myat Soe


This paper describes the detailed study of fluid flows in an axial pump that includes impeller and guide vanes. And the comparisons of flow simulations of the axial pump impeller with guide vanes and without guide vanes are carried out in this paper. In addition to this, the effect of number of guide blades on flow behaviours is analysed numerically. The computational results are performed by using one of CFD commercial software, Solidworks Flow Simulation. The input design data of the model pump are the flow rate of 0.2m3, head of 3m and the rotational speed of 1160 rpm. The outer and inner diameter of impeller is 0.3m and 0.15m respectively. . And the impeller with four blades is used in this paper. The guide blade number is varied to 5,7,9  with the same input data and other geometric parameters keep constant. In this study, the nature of velocities and pressures in an axial flow pump is analysed. The comparisons are averaged flow velocities, static pressure rise, dynamic pressure and total pressure. 

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