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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Measurement of Critical Micelle Concentration of Technical Grade Non-ionic Detergent Tween-40 in Presence of Chloramine-T by Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements

( Volume 1 Issue 3,December 2014 ) OPEN ACCESS



The phenomenon of solubilization of nonionic surfactant Tween-40 has been studied through the influence of additive Chloramine-T in aqueous medium by measuring the ultrasonic velocity of the pure surfactant and with Chloramine-T. The ultrasonic velocity of pure surfactant as well as mixed system was found to be increased with increase in temperature. By keeping the surfactant concentration equal to its CMC, for mixed system the CMC found to be increased with the addition of Chloramine-T. This is mainly due to increased micelle concentrations. The CMC for pure or mixed system found to be decreased with increase in temperature. The influence of additive Chloramine-T on the CMC and acoustical parameters of nonionic surfactnat is a clear indication that the phenomenon of micellization is associated with the different micelles coalescing. The CMC of pure and mixed system decreses with increase in temperature. This decrease in CMC may be due to change in free energy of the system with increase in temperature. Findings of the present work support to the probable evidence of electrolyte surfactant interactions in aqueous medium.

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