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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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LIE-Let it Encrypt: An Encryption Algorithm meant for Secure Transactions

( Volume 4 Issue 5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mukta Sharma, Dr. R.B. Garg


Today in the era of technology; security plays an important role especially when it comes to online transactions. There are various threats via which the victim is attacked and the data is lost or misused [8][5][[4][9]. Many counter measures have been taken like biometric, SSL, HTTPS, Intrusion detection system (IDS), Cryptography etc. According to [8] CIA Triad, Confidentiality, availability, and integrity are the three main objectives to provide security. Biometric ensures that only authentic user can access the data, by scanning the finger, iris, etc. Similarly, the idea behind the popular protocol SSL is to safeguard the path for traversing the data. Https ensures the safety of every transaction.  Whereas, cryptography ensures that the data should be secure even on the insecure path, hacked or accessed by an even unauthentic user. Cryptography deals with securing the data and fulfilling all the three above mentioned objectives. The paper is written with an objective to not only discuss cryptography but also discuss LIE- an encryption algorithm, how the encryption algorithm is tested, etc.  LIE is tested on various parameters like time, space, desirable properties etc.

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