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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Investigation of the Ni(II) Adsorption, in Respect to Kinetics and Thermodynamics, by Carbonized Walnut Shell from Aqueous Solution

( Volume 4 Issue 10,October 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Bircan Kose, Saliha Erenturk


The objective in this study was to investigate the adsorption, in terms of reaction speed and thermodynamics, of the Ni(II) from aqueus solution. Carbonized walnut shell was used as an adsorbent. The effect of contact time (0-90min) and temperatures (26-45°C) on the adsorption properties have been studied. The adsorption process follows the pseudo-second-order kinetic model very well. The thermodynamic parameters, such as Gibb's free energy change (ΔG°), standard enthalpy change (ΔH°) and standard entropy change (ΔS°) were also evaluated. The thermodynamic parameters (ΔG° < 0, ΔS = -17.37 J/mol/K, ΔH° = -5.72 kJ/mol) indicated that it was a spontaneously exothermic reaction.

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