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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Intelligent Vision Based Pneumatic Wall Painting Machine an ANN Approach

( Volume 2 Issue 7,July 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dr. S. K. Rajesh Kanna, N. Anand, R. Mohanraj


Painting the wall is normally done manually, which is very difficult and troublesome for humans to work in an upright position and also very dangerous for eyes and skin. Due to fatigue and surrounding environment, painting might not even all over the wall. To overcome these difficulties, an intelligent pneumatic wall painting machine has been designed and fabricated using vision and neural system. The machine has the arm which can extend up to 25 feet by carrying the pneumatic spray gun. The camera in the arm captures the image of the wall and the obtained image has been processed and gives as the input to the trained artificial neural network. The output from the network is used to control the pneumatic pressure supplied to the air gun. A part from the automatic control, manual control switches are also used for the operation. Thus the developed intelligent machine is a low cost machine with automatic and manual control for perfectly painting the wall with reduced human fatigue, time and paint, even with an un uniformly painted wall.

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