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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Frictional Properties of Canarium Schweifurthii Engl. Fruits and Their Interaction with Moisture Content and Shape

( Volume 2 Issue 8,August 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

J. C. Ehiem, V. I. O. Ndirika, G. S. Vijaya Raghavan


The effect of shape and moisture content on frictional properties (angle of repose, coefficient and angle of internal friction) of three varieties of canarium schweifurthii engl fruits (small, large and long varieties) were studied at five moisture content levels: 40.9%, 34.9%, 23.4%, 18.5% and 11.0% wb, so as to design and develop bulk handling and mechanical processing equipment for the fruits. This will replace and overcome conventional method and its associated problems. Coefficient of friction on different material surfaces (plywood, metal and glass) was also investigated. The results obtained revealed that moisture content and shape were negatively correlated to frictional properties. Coefficient and angle of static friction of Canarium Schweifurthii small and long varieties increased linearly with decrease in moisture content and shape.  The surface of long variety of Canarium Schweifurthii (CSHTL) is rougher and slightly round, while the small variety is smoother and less round in shape. Besides, friction on material surfaces increased with decrease in moisture content. Metal surface had the highest rough surface with canarium schweifurthii fruits for all the varieties and surfaces studied. Moisture content and shape also influenced angle of repose significantly (p<0.05) while canarium schweifurthii small fruits (CSHTs) had the highest pile angle. Frictional properties of canarium schweifurthii fruits differ significantly (p<0.05) with the varieties.

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