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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Extraction of Trace amounts of Mo(II) in water samples using Nano Graphene oxide modified with porphyrinand determination FAAS

( Volume 1 Issue 1,October 2014 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ali Moghimi, Mohammad Yari


A simple, highly sensitive, accurate and selective method for determination of trace amounts of Mo2+in water samples .In this paper, a Graphene oxide with covalently linked porphyrin (GO-H2P) based new sorbent was prepared. The modified Graphene oxide (GO-H2P) was used for preconcentration of Mo(II) from aqueous solutions. The analytical variables were optimized by central composite design (CCD). Flame atomic absorption spectrometer was utilized for determination of Mo(II). The analytical features for sorption were found to be 5.2; 4.3 mL min-1 and 55.0 mL for pH, flow rate and sample volume, respectively. HNO3 was used as eluent and maximum preconcentration factor was found to be 200.Elution parameters were also determined as 4 mL min-1; 0.6 mol L-1 and 5.1 mL forflow rate, eluent concentration and eluent volume, respectively.Limit of detection and limit of quantification were found to be 49.6 and 163.7 ng L-1, respectively. Validation of the developed method was performed using certified reference material (TMDA-53.3). The methodology was applied for determination of Mo(II) in natural water samples and satisfactory results were obtained.

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