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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Extending Dronacharyas Ball Retrieval method to collect Exam Results announced online After Revaluation

( Volume 7 Issue 11,November 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Hariharan Nalatore, Sasikumar. N, Purnimaa. S. Dixit, Prashantha. B. B


Revaluation results, Dronacharya, Asymmetric data, Microsoft Excel, Matlab.


After the announcement of UG / PG course Exam results by any University, it is routine that some of the students will apply for Revaluation for some of the subjects attempted by them. The number of subjects applied for Revaluation will vary from student to student. So, after Revaluation the University will again announce results online. Here, we will discuss “how a class teacher can collect the revaluation results announced online in an excel file?” and “how to update the same in the old marks excel file?” by considering VTU exam results as an example.



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