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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Rate in Corrugated Plate Heat Exchanger Using Nanofluid in Milk Pastuerization Process

( Volume 4 Issue 5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

K.Tamilselvan, B.Sivabalan, R.Prakash, M.Manojprasath, A.Mahabubadsha


Plate heat exchanger is one of the thermal energy transferring devices, which transfer the heat between different fluids. This is widely used in different applications because of its compact in size and higher efficiency compared to other types of heat exchangers. In this research work we are analyzing the performance of corrugated type plate heat exchanger using nano fluid in milk pasteurization process. In this work the Al2O3 nano particle is used to prepare nanofluid and the base fluid used as demineralized water. The main advantage of using PHE in this work is that it has high heat transfer area. The main focus of using nanofluid is that it has high thermal conductivity than base fluid like water, ethylene glycol, etc. The concentration of nanofluid is 0.3 % of its volume concentration. Here the milk is used as hot fluid and the nanofluid is used as cold fluid. The heat transfer rate is increased with increasing the concentration nanofluid, size of particle and type of materials used. From this work we expected that the enhancement high heat transfer rate. To get efficient heat transfer rate counter flow arrangements are made in this work.

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