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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Event-Triggered Control and H∞ Control Co-Design for Platoon Control Systems with Parameter Uncertainties and External Disturbances

( Volume 2 Issue 10,October 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Siyuan Shao, Panlong Wu, Yuming Bo


In this paper, an event-triggered control problem in array-like autonomous platoon control system with network-induced delay, parameter uncertainties and external disturbances is investigated. Firstly, a novel six-order linear kinematic model of each autonomous vehicle and a novel state error model of array-like autonomous platoon control system are constructed. Secondly, the corresponding delay system is modelled. Then, by employing the constructed model and Lyapunov functional approach, a co-design method of both the H controller and the parameters of event-triggering condition for each following vehicle is proposed. The feedback gain matrix and the event-triggering matrix corresponding to each autonomous vehicle can be obtained by employing LMI technique. Finally, a simulation example is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed co-design method.

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