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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Enhancement Of Heat Transfer Rate In Copper Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger With Nano Fluids

( Volume 4 Issue 5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

P.Pradeep, S.Gopinath, S.Kabil, T.Neelamegam


Heat transfer is the predominant phenomenon in the engineering fields. It has created the huge challenge for dissipating the heat from one substance to another. Many researchers have found the different methodologies for increasing the heat transfer rate with the application of various research. In this paper we have proposed a new methodology for the heat exchanger in various aspects. We considered the two main aspects on the basis of design of the fluid flow and enhancement of thermal conductivity of coolant fluid by changing the chemical properties of the fluid. The properties are changed by the application of nano particles addition in the fluid. We have proposed the changes in the base fluids of nano fluids as the base fluids play an important role in the characteristics of nano fluid. The proposed design is that the tube inside the exchanger is helical coiled tube to increase the area which ensures the high compactness and mobility. The proposed design in our project leads to easier manufacturing of the parts thus making it cost effective. The preparation of the nano fluids is really a challenging one, as that purely based on the concentrations and mixing ratio of the nano powder with its base fluids. In our papper we have clearly explained about the mixing conditions of the nano particle. Our article compare the result of the overall heat transfer co-efficient between water and nano fluids.

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