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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Employing Open Loop Control Model of DC-DC Buck Converter to Supply a Solenoid Coil

( Volume 3 Issue 9,September 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Munaf F. Badr


In this paper an open loop controller model of switch mode DC-DC buck converter category supplied an inductive load is presented. The voltage-mode control scheme of the step down converter worked in continuous conduction mode was illustrated to convert the input voltage level to the specified output voltage level required to energize a specified load consists of solenoid coil with plunger. The mathematical model of the proposed system has been introduced and the simulation of the controller models have been done using MATLAB/SIMULINK software package to investigate the performance of the open loop control model feeding the solenoid coil. The simulation results show that the capability of applying such model to drive the load at the desired value regardless of unregulated input voltage source. The analysis of the simulation model is carried out and the stabilization of the controller structure is considered for gaining better results.

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