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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Emerging NanoFETs and Electrostatics Influencing Nanoscale Transistors: A Review

( Volume 3 Issue 2,February 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Deepthi Amuru, Dr.K.Ragini, Dr.P.ChandraSekhar Reddy


As the dimensions of transistors shrink, the close proximity between the source and drain reduces the ability of the gate electrode to control the potential distribution and the flow of current in the channel region because of which undesirable short channel effects starts plugging in MOSFETs. For all practical reasons, it seems to be impossible to scale the dimensions of classical bulk MOSFETs below 20nm. To satisfy Moore’s law in nanometer regime, the evolving nanotransistors are the promising alternatives to the planar MOSFETs. Nanotransistors reduce the short channel effects with improved device performance in terms of reduced power supply, power dissipation, leakage currents and improved scalability. This paper discusses about the challenges for scaling the transistors in nanoscale regime and also gives an insight on various types of emerging nanotransistors.

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