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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Dynamics analysis of a novel limited-DOF parallel manipulator with two planar limbs

( Volume 3 Issue 7,July 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Canguo Zhang, Yi Lu, Jianming Liang, Mingchao Geng


It is significant to develop a limited-DOF parallel manipulator (PM) with high rigidity. However, the existing limited-DOF PMs include so many spherical joint which has less capability of pulling force bearing, less rotation range and lower precision under alternately heavy loads. A novel 5-DOF PM with two planar limbs is proposed and its dynamics are analysed systematically. A 3-dimension simulation mechanism of the proposed manipulator is constructed and its structure characteristics is analysed. The kinematics formulae for solving the displacement, velocity, acceleration of the platform, the active legs are established. An analytic example is given for solving the dynamics of the proposed manipulator and the analytic solved results are verified by the simulation mechanism. It provide the theoretical and technical foundations for its manufacturing, control and application.  

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