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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Drug Treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis

( Volume 5 Issue 3,March 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Lambrini Kourkouta, Ekaterina Frantzana, Christos Iliadis, Theologia Ziogou


Introduction: Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common inflammatory autoimmune rheumatic disease that without proper treatment can cause permanent lesions and deformities of the joints resulting in long-term functional disability or disability.

Purpose: In this review study is provided the pharmaceutical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in order to promote the quality of life of these patients.

Material & Methods: The material of the study was a recent article on the topic found mainly in the Medline database and the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association (HEAL-Link).

Results: Early diagnosis of the disease, as well as early onset of treatment, helps significantly in the successful management of the disease. Conventional treatment for rheumatoid arthritis includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory anti-rheumatic drugs or other disease-modifying drugs such as methotrexate and corticosteroids. The goal of medication is to reduce pain and inflammation, minimize loss of function, and prevent complications and joint damage.

Conclusions: The goal of pharmaceutical therapy is the recession of inflammation. Treatment planning is also different for each patient; both because the disease is not as severe in everyone as the needs of each patient are different.

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