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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Design Of Waste Stabilization Pond For Sewage Treatment At Nigerian Defence Academy Staff Quarters, Permanent Site Mando Kaduna

( Volume 1 Issue 2,November 2014 ) OPEN ACCESS

I Abdullahi, I Nasiru, A Saminu, L Sagir, E Charity


Waste treatment is normally by two main methods which are mechanical and natural. Mechanical method of treating wastes comprises of sanitary sewer system, aerated lagoons with mechanical aerator, this poses problem due to non availability of electricity to power the machine constantly and mechanical defect that hinders smooth operation. There is also cost of chemical to treat the sewage. Natural method has proven to be more effective and less expensive. This made the natural method to be adopted as a major method for treating wastes in many countries. This methods involves the use of ponds. These are large shallow basins enclosed by earthen embankment in which raw sewage is treated by entirely natural process involving both algae and bacteria. Wastes are usually treated by supplying them with oxygen so that bacteria can utilize the waste as food.

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