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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Defluoridation of Ground Water Using Activated Carbon of Ber (Indian Jujube) Leaves

( Volume 4 Issue 5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ashvini Sharma, Hemant Purohit, Mohd Shahnawaz Hussain, Arun Kumar Suthar, Shobha Sharma


The present study deals with defluoridation of ground water using activated carbon of ber (Indian jujube) leaves. In this study, Activated Ber leaves carbon (ABLC) prepared by heating the leaves in electric furnace was found to be useful for the removal of fluoride. Batch experiments were applied on water sample to study the influence of pH, adsorbent dose and contact time on adsorption efficiency. Fluoride removal reached a maximum of 72.5% by particle size 0.3mm of ABLC at pH 6.0. The adsorption of fluoride from aqueous solution with ABLC followed Freundlich equation. The values of adsorption capacity (K) and intensity of adsorption (1/n) indicate greater affinity for fluoride. Thermally activated Ber leaves carbon (ABLC) was good adsorbent.

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