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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Condensation of Inorganic Vapors during Cooling of Synthesis Gas for Gasification of Biomass

( Volume 7 Issue 2,February 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mohammed Alswat


Biomass; aerosol; inorganic; gasification; modeling


This paper present a study for the condensation of inorganic species in a Biomass to Liquids (BtL) process. The experimental design was based on operating conditions similar to those of a biogas gasification plant mass and physical phenomena that occur during the condensation of aerosols. To obtain conditions simplified but representative of a BtL process, a potassium chloride (KCl) vapor and solid particles of carbon are cooled to different cooling speeds. These particles are then dipped in a dilution probe and the results are then analyzed using a Low-Pressure Electric Impactor (ELPI) and an electric mobility granulometer (SMPS). The results showed the importance of the phenomenon of direct condensation of KCl on the walls. Seeding with Graphite particles reduced the amount of KCl deposited on the walls.

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