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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Chestnut-Aluminium Combination tanning System for High Stability Leather

( Volume 6 Issue 5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mubark Yahia, A.E Musa, G.A. Gasmelseed, E.F. Faki, H.E Ibrahim, O.A Haythem, M.A Manal, S.B Haythem


Extensive research has been undertaken by many scientists in the modern leather industry and some alternative options have been proposed, among which the combination tanning of vegetable tannin and aluminum may be a good choice. In the present study, a combination tanning system based on Chestnut-Aluminum tannage for the production of upper leathers as a cleaner alternative is presented. The Castanea sativa powder (Chestnut) has been used in a combination tanning system based on Chestnut and Aluminum sulphate. Both tanning methodologies Chestnut followed by Aluminum (Chestnut-Al) and Aluminum followed by Chestnut (Al-Chestnut) have been attempted. Chestnut-Al leathers tanned using 20% Chestnut; followed by 2% Al2O3 resulted in shrinkage temperature of 100oC. However, Al-Chestnut leathers tanned using 2% Al2O3; followed by 20% Chestnut resulted in shrinkage temperature of 94oC. Chestnut-Al combination system resulted in leathers with good organoleptic and strength properties. The work presented in this paper established the use of Chestnut-aluminium combination tanning system as an effective alternative eco-friendly tanning process.

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