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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Characterization of R-Annihilator -u- Hollow Modules

( Volume 7 Issue 9,September 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

R.S. Wadbude, Sagar K. Gorle


Hollow module, annihilator-small, u-small, cosingular module, R-Ann-hollow, R-Ann-u-small submodule, torsion-u-small.


In this paper we construct some examples for R-Ann-m-hollow modules and add theorems, propositions. Related concept was given by Nicholsion and Zhou. Let M be an R-modules, then M is R-Ann-m-hollow module if and only if every submodule A of M such that M/A Small in M. Every finitely generated proper submodule N of M is R-Ann-m-small for M is a faithful and torsion-m-small.

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