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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Applications of Nano Pigment Particles for the Development in Corrosion and Scratch Resistance of Epoxy-Zeolite Coatings

( Volume 2 Issue 11,November 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Shambhu Sharan Kumar


For the purpose of corrosion protection and embellishment, surface coating is the most universally used practice. The applications of nanotechnology in the fields of corrosion protection and surface coatings can significantly improve the adhesion property, stiffness, chemical resistance, weathering resistance and robustness among all other important properties of surface coatings. In this work, nano particles applied surface coatings have been used to protect various types of metals and alloys from corrosion and other degradation. For this purpose, epoxy-zeolite self-cleaning super hydrophobic and antimicrobial corrosion resistant coatings have been used to protect metals and alloys from corrosion. The corrosion protection efficiency has been improved when nanoparticles have been incorporated and dispersed into paint media. Nano coatings have been introduced as smart materials; produced by shrinking the materials at the nano scale level to form a denser product to protect the surfaces with superior approach. Nano particles applied coatings demonstrated a number of advantages such as better surface appearance, chemical resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, and improved corrosion resistance. Incorporation of nanoparticles in paint formulations improved the corrosion resistance property of antimicrobial zeolite coatings. On the basis of rigorous coating performance test as per ASTM/BIS methods, coating-film passed 3200 hours in salt spray corrosion test, 100% gloss and 100% adhesion; confirmed extraordinary improvement in the fields of corrosion protection and surface coatings.

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