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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Analysis of Regenerative System in Steam Power Plant

( Volume 2 Issue 7,July 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

S. Naga Raju, Dr. N. Hari Babu, P. Dilip Kumar


The development of any country directly relates on capital energy consumption. The demand for power generation on the large scale is increasing day by day. Owing to their major contribution towards power production, thermal power plants have a vital role to play in the development of nation. Due to the scarcity of power, every power plant needs to be operated at maximum level of efficiency. In case of thermal power plants this applies equally to all its auxiliaries. The feed water heaters form a part of the regenerative system to increase the overall thermal efficiency of the plant. In the operation and maintenance of a power plant the feed water heaters are virtually neglected compared with other components. To realize the effect of feed water heating and an attempt is made in this project work to find the improvement in cycle efficiency due to FWH. 

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