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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Aerodynamic Noise Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade

( Volume 4 Issue 7,July 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Gwo-Chung Tsai, Jau-Ching Jiang


The main goal of this research is to study the noise of the wind turbine blade. The green energy is developed vigorously and the environmental problems were concerned. The blades of wind turbine applied by the wind will produce the torque and noise that depends on the wind velocity. In this research, three parameters: wind velocity, torque and noise were put together to get the best efficiency of the wind turbine blade. The finite element analysis is used to perform the analysis. The finite element model is created to use ANSYS/Workbench, then CFX is used to do the fluid dynamic analysis and calculate the sound pressure with different parameters. The optimization data for the wind turbine blade at different conditions can be obtained. All these data can be used to develop the design of the turbine blade.

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