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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Advances in Construction: Lean Construction for Productivity enhancement and waste minimization

( Volume 2 Issue 11,November 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Aakanksha Ingle, Prof Ashish P Waghmare


The objective of this paper is to highlight the cost and benefits of the potential contribution of lean construction to the achievement of productivity enhancement and waste minimization in construction industry. It is critical review of literature. Researcher has used exploratory method for investigating the benefits of lean construction system by exploring, and understating the available literature and some case studies.  There is need for waste minimization and enhancement of productivity in construction activity. Productivity is critical determinant of cost efficiency. The conventional system of construction is not sustainable. In one of the research it is estimated that current system of construction had around 50% of non value added efforts or waste. The meaning of lean construction is that it is the application of lean thinking to the construction industry. The construction industry and other industries also are facing various problems as a result of the uncertainties of the global economic climate, environmental hazards, including labor delayed projects and zero margin contract bids, green house gas emissions etc. The construction industry is seen as one of the worst performing industry as regards to the innovation. This calls for concern about the poor state of construction innovation. The emergence of lean construction is to bring significant reform to the construction industry to achieve the objectives of value addition and waste minimization within the built environment in the critical social, economic and environmental aspects. 

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