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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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A Virtual Human Simulator for Social Behavior to Evaluate Information Flow

( Volume 3 Issue 6,June 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Daniel Costa de Paiva


A virtual human simulator that deals with the relationship between agents, and with the transmission and publishing of information (by TV, Radio, etc.) is presented. The modeling is performed by using ontology that is a formal representation, in which we can share knowledge among agents. Cognitive aspects are considered for them; therefore, the agents can understand the environment, talk to each other and use cognition to make decisions in a better way. Moreover, the reception and transmission of information, reasoning evaluation, and the evolution of society are considered. Two possibilities are important during the simulations, (1) when the agents talk to each other or (2) when the information is just made available and the agents can perceive it. The results show the evaluation of the influence of a social network communication and of the means of mass communication activity at the dynamics of information.

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