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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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A preliminary optimization study of a SWATH-USV

( Volume 5 Issue 9,September 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Baojiang Wang, Yan Shi, Songling Yang, Shasha Gao, Zhiwei Cao


In this paper, we designed a kind of Swath-USV through corresponding ship hull parameters selected as design variables to identify the USV performance (Buoyancy, Stability, Rapidity, Maneuverability, And Sea-Keeping) as the comprehensive optimization objective function. First, we selected the range of design variables and constraint conditions, established the comprehensive optimization mathematical model of the ship hull and constructed the optimization methods. Then, we applied a multi-objective optimization design and analysis software for optimal comprehensive performance and took place a set of comprehensive optimization calculations. In the calculation process, Genetic algorithm was selected as the core algorithm to record the best five individual information, and then the second calculation was conducted in combination with itself and other algorithms. By comparing the fitness function values of the hybrid algorithms of discrete genetic iterations, it was found that the genetic plus chaos algorithm of 4000 generations has strong robustness, high optimization ability and less short running time. The second is genetic plus compound algorithm. Finally, the optimal ship hull parameters for the integrated performance of small waterline catamaran were generated. The research results can provide references for the comprehensive optimization of multi-objective, multi-variable and multi-constraint conditions of the performance optimization of small waterline catamaran.



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