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International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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A Practical Study For a New Measuring Tool For EHV Bus Bar Fault Detection

( Volume 2 Issue 6,June 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ali M. El-Rifaie, Rania M. Sharkawy, Sherif Haggag


Abstract— This paper introduces both theoretical and practical application of the Cos-Sin fault detection technique with EHV busbars. A digital relay with multiple operating criteria is being implemented based on the Cos-Sin technique. The relay is being theoretically tested on the 500 KV unified Egyptian network where the grid simulation is done using ATP whereas the technique was programmed by the Matlab. On the other hand, the relay is being practically tested against different fault cases on a constructed lab model of a simple network with typical parameters to the actual grid while the protection mechanism was loaded on the LabVIEW. The simulation results indicate the capability of the Cos-Sin based relay for the detection and discrimination of all types of busbar faults besides differentiating between close up faults and bus ones.

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